Round shape stones green diopside natural diopside

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Sample order can be accepted
Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter Good supply for round brilliant cut cubic zirconia
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Product Description

Diopside Diopside

  Diopside, the English name for diopside, pyroxene is a kind of common belonging to the monoclinic system, it belongs to silicate minerals, calcium and magnesium silicate. Diopside is a natural calcium magnesium silicate, diopside look pale, after burning was clean white, is a very close to the theoretical component, harmful impurities and loss on ignition low quality diopside. Common colors are mainly blue-green to yellow-green, brown, yellow, purple, colorless to white, long cylinder, granular or flaky. Gloss shiny glass. Beautiful transparent diopside gemstone is also considered. In the diopside which contain chromium if so, it would be a green mineral, therefore diopside gemstone is often confused with other gems, such as yellow-green peridot (green) tourmaline, chrysoberyl, of course, which must rely on the difference between the physical properties of other minerals, can they tell the difference. Diopside ceramic raw materials used, pyroxene used in household enamel, combines the advantages of talc and calcite, not only can improve the gloss glazed, translucent and flatness. And can reduce enamel firing temperature, firing range expanded.

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