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Imperial Stone spinel from china

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  Imperial Stone spinel

  Spinel symbol of loyalty, constancy, love and honesty, with its beautiful crystal clear blue by the ancient people to cast a mystery, since ancient times by various monarchs emperor celebrity favorite. It is said to protect the king and the monarchy from harm and jealousy, it is ideal for a priest ring crown jewel, the traditional role of the Christian Ten Commandments engraved on spinel. Persians believed the earth by a huge spinel support, spinel reflect reflective sky blue.

  Since the Middle Ages, spinel worked with diamonds, pearls together to become king of the British Empire, and the dress on the Russian tsar crown indispensable accessories. 19 century, precisely because the world as a "whoever owns it is king" Carew Great Body spinel, changed the fate of Napoleon I and his beloved wife Josephine.

  History of the famous "Russian diamond treasure house" even though 75 percent of the stolen gems, stock still has a total weight of 1700 kt of large particles spinel and the total weight of 2600 kt small particles spinel can imagine, since ancient times, each Monarch Monarch is how fanatical love spinel, a veritable emperor darling.

  Louis XIV's famous spinel weighing 135.80 karats is 一枚 clarification bright, flawless spinel, Germany to get it before the princess, Louis XIV would have loved it passionately, and buy it down, put it As a "French Glory" decoration on his hat or scarf to show Fengyun charming spinel style light. Fengyun like gods bless gems in that field under the 1792 French Crown Jewels were robbers ransacked catastrophe, actually escaped intact lying quietly inside the sealed box. Fengyun lucky spinel is now on display at the Paris Museum of Natural History quietly, let the world wonder it's magic.

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